The Fisherman and The Doctor

In 1866, The Linguistics Society banned research on origin of language.
Even so, I decided to go on a journey to look for a bone to hand in to them.

The bone I found in the bright forest had many eyes and ears.
I was not sure if it was the one I was looking for so asked a doctor nearby.
The doctor said ‘ You will need lots of eyes and ears if you wish to continue your journey. I will give you one each, ’ and he gave me an eye and an ear.

Further on, a bone I found in the dark forest had a slight voice,
but it had no hair. I was not sure if it was the one I was looking for so asked a fisherman nearby.
The Fisherman said ‘If you want to go futher, eyes and ears will get in the way. Leave them both here. ’

The two gave me completely opposite pieces of advice.
I was puzzled.



I gather everything that has life and offer them next to the bone for taking Hee‐Mabui to Heaven.

Then all the wonder is melted away and fear in this world is gone.

(Hee-Mabui is the name for the spirit that came out from the body after death in Okinawa)



This remote story of the past took place in an age before it had been raining for hundreds of years.

4.5billion years ago, before the moon was born. Everything that was able to move could have life without having breath.

They had never been to heaven and never left the earth.

The rain had stopped after hundreds of years before the ocean had appeared and from the horizon the moon rose from the watery abyss.

One must have a heart to be given a hand.